Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Update: Abercrombie & "Stich", Jason Michaels loves moons over my HAMI

First off, I have two year old twin girls (full custody), so, my weekends get pretty hectic. I may or may not be around on the weekends. i think I will just start doing a "weekend update" on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Mondays are typically busy for me with work, anyhow, I digress. Weekend update:

Abercrombie & "Stitch": Apparently Reggie Abercrombie enjoys wearing small "booties" during spring training. After taking a foul ball of his foot in the evening game against the Braves, Abercrombie will wear a specialized boot on his foot for one week and be limited in action. After one week I suppose they will re-evaluate things. This is pretty disappointing as Abercrombie is hitting pretty well (compared to the rest of the team) and couldn't have come at a worse time for a guy trying to make the show.

Moons over my Hami: Jason Michaels loves the moons over my HAMI at Denny's. Michaels left the game against St. Louis with a mild strain of his left hamstring. In addition to Abercrombie and Michaels, the Astros are without outfielders Yordany Ramirez (who also frequents the senior citizens diner for a plate of moons over my HAMI). In addition, Edwin Maysonet sprained his ankle.

All of this is really bad timing, which happens in baseball over the course of the year. I really hate to see the young guys getting hurt. Typically, this means they are not conditioned enough (Abercrombie is the exception). It is better to get this out of the way early in the year, with hopes of it not returning often during the course of the regular season.Let's just hope that none of the "big guns" get hurt soon. They will need to stay healthy pretty much all 162 games.

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