Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bourn looks to be "re-bourn"into the second slot.

If the Astros walked into the regular season today, Bourn will be batting second. After showing signs of much improvement, Cecil seems to have much more confidence in the new and improved (BTW, how is something new AND improved???) Bourn. I like the fact that Bourn has tried his heart out to improve from last years dismal performance which includes 111 strike outs in 447 +/- AB's. Bourn has shown much more patience at the plate this spring with only 3 K's in 22 AB's. Not that the small sample means he is the next "Bourn" supremacy, but provides insight as to what he has prepared for this spring. Now, the biggest mission is keeping a healthy Kaz and not letting the SP's work from behind in games. I do want to say that although the Astros pitching is suspect after SP1, the bullpen should keep us close in most games. I'm very surprised that today I got to blog about something upbeat and positive. Hope this tendency stays for more than spring training.

As of today (If it was the regualr season) stands to be this:

Kaz Matsui
Geoff Blum/Aaron Boone
PITCHER (Mike Hampton can hit)

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  1. Bourn has gotta pick it up this year or we are dead in the water! Sure hope Tejada's numbers dont drop significantly again and Kaz produces and plays in 120+ games. Keep up the good work man, this is one of the few sites that has recurring blogs. Most just post once every week or something.