Friday, April 17, 2009

Drew Sutton

Apparently the Reds website said it is Sutton. No time to confirm gotta get the kidd-o's! have a great weekend and sorry for my absence. I'm trying to get a new laptop soon.

Reds will announce PTBNL


4:19pm: The Enquirer's Nick Hurm has the name. The Reds will recieve infielder Drew Sutton, who will head straight to Triple-A Louisville. Sutton, 25, hit .317 with 20 home runs and 69 RBI last season at Double-A Corpus Christi.

He was named the Astros' eighth best prospect by Baseball America prior to this season.

1:28pm: According to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Reds found out Thursday who they'll be getting for Jeff Keppinger.

Keppinger was dealt to the Astros on March 31 for a player to be named later. That mystery man will be revealed shortly. "We'll probably announce it this week," said Reds GM Walt Jocketty. Fay also adds this:

When the deal was made, Jocketty said the player-to-be-named was a minor leaguer. He wouldn't say that Wednesday. So I guess there's a chance it's a big league player. I believe the Reds need to clear a spot on the 40-man, if that's the case.

Some new stuff

So I think what I will be doin' in order to keep up with work, kids, court and no lap top is to post at the end of a series and give you a recap of what took place.

Also, If someone would like to write for The Unofficial Official, it would be greatly appreciated. I refuse to delete this blog regardless of the lack of time I have in front of me. I will have some stuff put together about the Pitt series later this afternoon. To all those who have "checked in" on me, thank you and yes, we will move forward as we can and go from there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Copper first manager on the Block? NAH

So this article form Ken Rosenthal is pretty, well, stupid.

and I quote:

Cooper is a ready scapegoat; McLane allowed him to enter the final year of his contract without offering him an extension. The Astros' veterans do not care for Cooper, and the team's 1-6 start — following its 1-16-3 start in spring training — points to a lack of preparation.

First, What's wrong with evaluating a manager in a full year as opposed to a half season-like last year. I think I would want to see what I'm paying for on an entire evaluation, not a snippet. Second, Who is his source of veterans that don't like Coop? I honestly don't think that Berkman and Roy Oswalt, being the veteran leaders they are, would come out and say that to someone. I may be mistaken and missed this but honestly, it's my blog! Thirdly, the 1-16-3 start is attributed to letting the AA, AA and invites play. We already know that the big 3 and a handful of other guys are going to make the team.

So he fired me up today. He goes on to say that Buck Showalter should be manager and that Drayton is blind if he thinks the 'Stros are going to contend. Ever wonder if Drayton ever really thought that?

Pedro Martinez should be an Astro

Honestly, nobody else in baseball will accept his terroristic like 5 million dollar a year demand. I could see Drayton forking it over, I mean it's in his blood to overpay for over pitchers over the age of 35. I'm not in any way saying this will happen, just a thought.

Pedro is turning into The Manny Saga part deux. He wants too much money, but SOMEONE will pay it eventually. The Angels' balked at his demands the other day as it appears Pedro's agent reached out to them. They are waiting on Lackey and Santana to recover. The Met's pretty much said see ya'. I could really see someone like the A's paying just a tad too much for him or the O's who missed out on Teixera & Burnett.

What do you think? Will Pedro pull a Roger and pitch a half season in Houston for too much money?

Off day links and news

Kinda bored so thought I would throw some stuff out there.

  • Harry Kalas, famed Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, and voice of NFL Films died yesterday at the age of 73. A member of the original Houston Astros radio crew along with Gene Elston, Kalas worked in Houston from 1965 to 1970. A true legend, indeed. He passed away while at the ballpark. I suppose that's fitting for a man such as Mr. Kalas
  • Just hours after Harry Kalas' death, the sadness around MLB was exacerbated as former pitcher Mark Fidrych was found dead at his Massachusetts home. He was 54. "The Bird" was the 1976 AL Rookie of the Year. A character on and off the field, baseball has lost one of it's genuinely good people
  • Fangraphs lists the top ten prospects of the NL Central clubs. Our top guy is Jason Castro, followed by Drew Sutton and Brian Bogusevic. I like that Sutton is getting some dap nationally
  • Richard Justice has a suggestion for Drayton McLane: Cut out the middle men, and manage the Astros yourself. He seems to be on point for the most part in his takes...I fear the apocolypse as a result
  • Bud Norris' PCL debut was yesterday: 4.1 IP, 0 ER, 4 K, 3 BB, 4 H. I think we're all waiting for him to step up and pitch the way he's capable of. Offensively, JR Towles hit a double in three plate appearances in a 8-4 loss to Omaha
  • On Sunday, Jason Castro and Koby Clemens continued slugging en route to a 7-4 victory for Lancaster
  • Burger King is under fire from multiple fronts. First, Mexicans are upset at the fast food chain for their recent ads for the "Texican" burger. Second, feminists are up in arms over a commercial advertising their Kid's Meal...The day it's inappropriate to air sexually suggestive material aimed at children will be a sad day indeed
  • Unfortunately, I can see Astros fans being sent this card in July.
  • The Nationals have the right idea- let fans bring their own food into the game. With the economy as poor as it is, any inducement to come out to the park is well worth the effort
  • We're not the only team struggling with a veteran starting pitcher. Jeff Suppan isn't exactly thrilling the folks up in Milwaukee
  • A scoreless bottom of the eighth inning of a blowout 15-5 victory for the Tampa Bay Rays was a bit more interesting than one would have thought. New York Yankees first baseman Nick Swisher came in to pitch, and didn't allow a run. He even struck out Gabe "The Babe" Kapler. That's for having a first name that easily lends itself to having the nickname, "The Babe." Here's what his pitches looked like.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

thank god it's an off day.

Busier than a hooker in a Korean brothel on "sailor day". Will have some stuff up later tonight.

Rant of the week. AND I'M OUT

What an awful 2 days.

First, Kyle Freaking Lohse throws a 3 hit shutout. The next day, Zach Freaking Duke throws a four hit 2 walk shutout. We're not talking aces here.

When Michael Bourn is leading your team in RBIs, you KNOW you are in trouble. The guys look absolutely lifeless up there, to put it mildly VERY mildly.

In Lohse's game, Wandy walked 3, trying not to give up any runs, and his defense sure 'nuff didn't do him any favors. Moehler was simply awful from the get-go. His ERA went DOWN from 38 to 27 - turns out he is having knee pain (what a surprise) and is going for an MRI - wonder what they are going to do if he goes on the DL - Capellan, probably, as I doubt Backe will be ready.

I have no idea what to do or say about Berkman and Lee not hitting. If they don't hit, we're not gonna win too much, and they picked a bad time to slump together. I also don't like Pence in the 2-hole because he's gotten overly aggressive and is swinging at pitches low and away again. Might could be time to get another hitting coach.

Yes, I know that the pitching has been rotten, too, except for Sampson and Wandy. Then again, I've never been a fan of Dewey Robinson.

I remember that in 05, we lost something like 20 of our first 21 away games. It wasn't quite as demoralizing because we won at least half of our home games, and so far this year, we've only had 3 home games. The only way that a long long losing streak would be good is if it somehow shakes Drayton out of his complacency, not that I'm holding my breath.

So overall, I hereby think it is time to quote that great baseball mind, George Scott (ex Brewer):

"If we're gonna win, the players gotta play better, the coaches gotta coach better, the manager gotta manage better and the owners gotta own better."

Couldn't of said it better my own self.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Game delayed but underway..

So far, Matsui grounded out to second and Tejada doubled to center. Berkman is up with 2 balls no strikes. Not sure why the game was delayed.

Pirates kick off home opener with a noon'er against the 'Stros

Brian Moehler will try to recover from a bomb of a game last week. Zach Duke will try to keep control of the big 3. Zach Duke is so a fantasy sleeper. Nobody in Pitt gets credit except for Nate McClouth, who couldn't hit Tina Turner if he tried. OUCH, I'm going to hold my tongue on the what do you think Moehler is going to do today, etc. Let's just see what happens since it's still early. Literally, it's early for me.

Today is a noon'er game. I will try to post an update around 1-2.

Oh, hope everyone had a great Easter, here is a pic of the kids getting some egg huntin' on

Baby momma left, me top, Peyton left, Malorie bottom, Kylie right.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Unofficial has switched to a new template.

Thought it looked a little neater and less confusing....or something like that. Let me know what you think

Brocail hits the DL...Fulchino called up

Doug Brocail never lies. At least about his injuries. the 13 time DL'er told Ed Wade and Cecil "The Incredible Hulk II" he was having trouble with his arm, and as a result, the veteran right-hander was placed on the 15-day disabled list with the rotator cuff strain he was diagnosed with on Saturday. Sorry, I know this was on Saturday, but i'm playing "ketchup" at the office and tomorrow is hot dog Monday.

Jeff Fulchino got the call to join the big league club. Fulchino started for the Express on Saturday, but anticipating they may need him, the Astros put him on a strict pitch limit. Fulchino threw approximately 35 pitches over two innings, while Alberto Arias pitched the next 2 1/3 innings.

Lohse throw a 3 hitter. Astros Lose 3-0

So on one hand i'm happy. I got Lohse off waivers yesterday in my Roto keeper league. On the other hand, it was a depressing series against the Redbird's. Is that one word or two? Anyhow, let's not beat around "the Busch" ha, ZINNNGG. I was kind of scared when the Astros lost to the Cubs but had all those homeruns. Guess I wasn't overly worried bacause it looked like the bats were connecting, mostly. Well have you noticed something? How about the RISP and left on base stats. It's still pretty early in the season to get all puffed up over a minimal amount of stats, but hell i'm already delving deep into em' in all my fantasy leagues, so, why not? Obviously we already know that the 'Stros lost 3-0, let's not talk about that much.

The Astros are dead last in the NL in runs. 15th in the NL (out of 16 teams) in XBH's, and have left an ungodly amount of runners on base. At first, the Cub's game didn't scare me too much because, like I said, the 'Stros covered it with the schlama ding-dongs. There seems to be a trend happening thus far this season, the Astros aren't getting key hits, which means they aren't producing runs. Someone needs to step up, I know Berkman is hitting, he just isn't hitting a godly like .375 like he needs to be for the season. In time the luck will correct itself and the Astros should fly a little straighter, but for now, this is sickening. If this happens much longer, someone is going to have to get some fire lit under these guys. Wonder if Coop will turn into the Hulk again.