Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pedro Martinez should be an Astro

Honestly, nobody else in baseball will accept his terroristic like 5 million dollar a year demand. I could see Drayton forking it over, I mean it's in his blood to overpay for over pitchers over the age of 35. I'm not in any way saying this will happen, just a thought.

Pedro is turning into The Manny Saga part deux. He wants too much money, but SOMEONE will pay it eventually. The Angels' balked at his demands the other day as it appears Pedro's agent reached out to them. They are waiting on Lackey and Santana to recover. The Met's pretty much said see ya'. I could really see someone like the A's paying just a tad too much for him or the O's who missed out on Teixera & Burnett.

What do you think? Will Pedro pull a Roger and pitch a half season in Houston for too much money?

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