Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lohse throw a 3 hitter. Astros Lose 3-0

So on one hand i'm happy. I got Lohse off waivers yesterday in my Roto keeper league. On the other hand, it was a depressing series against the Redbird's. Is that one word or two? Anyhow, let's not beat around "the Busch" ha, ZINNNGG. I was kind of scared when the Astros lost to the Cubs but had all those homeruns. Guess I wasn't overly worried bacause it looked like the bats were connecting, mostly. Well have you noticed something? How about the RISP and left on base stats. It's still pretty early in the season to get all puffed up over a minimal amount of stats, but hell i'm already delving deep into em' in all my fantasy leagues, so, why not? Obviously we already know that the 'Stros lost 3-0, let's not talk about that much.

The Astros are dead last in the NL in runs. 15th in the NL (out of 16 teams) in XBH's, and have left an ungodly amount of runners on base. At first, the Cub's game didn't scare me too much because, like I said, the 'Stros covered it with the schlama ding-dongs. There seems to be a trend happening thus far this season, the Astros aren't getting key hits, which means they aren't producing runs. Someone needs to step up, I know Berkman is hitting, he just isn't hitting a godly like .375 like he needs to be for the season. In time the luck will correct itself and the Astros should fly a little straighter, but for now, this is sickening. If this happens much longer, someone is going to have to get some fire lit under these guys. Wonder if Coop will turn into the Hulk again.

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  1. My concern is two-fold. I think the luck with RISP will turn around, but I worry about the ability of this team to get people on base. Struggles with runners on always gets magnified when there aren't enough guys on. The second part of my worry comes in the three stooges at the bottom of our rotation. I can't really say anything more meaningful than that.