Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Copper first manager on the Block? NAH

So this article form Ken Rosenthal is pretty, well, stupid.

and I quote:

Cooper is a ready scapegoat; McLane allowed him to enter the final year of his contract without offering him an extension. The Astros' veterans do not care for Cooper, and the team's 1-6 start — following its 1-16-3 start in spring training — points to a lack of preparation.

First, What's wrong with evaluating a manager in a full year as opposed to a half season-like last year. I think I would want to see what I'm paying for on an entire evaluation, not a snippet. Second, Who is his source of veterans that don't like Coop? I honestly don't think that Berkman and Roy Oswalt, being the veteran leaders they are, would come out and say that to someone. I may be mistaken and missed this but honestly, it's my blog! Thirdly, the 1-16-3 start is attributed to letting the AA, AA and invites play. We already know that the big 3 and a handful of other guys are going to make the team.

So he fired me up today. He goes on to say that Buck Showalter should be manager and that Drayton is blind if he thinks the 'Stros are going to contend. Ever wonder if Drayton ever really thought that?


  1. I can feel that you have put in hard efforts. Good job!!

  2. McLane doesn't have any itchy trigger finger like Steinbrenner. It's not Cooper's fault the team is so bad, I don't think he's going anywhere.

  3. If the Stros keep turning it around, nobody's head will be on the chopping block!

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