Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates kick off home opener with a noon'er against the 'Stros

Brian Moehler will try to recover from a bomb of a game last week. Zach Duke will try to keep control of the big 3. Zach Duke is so a fantasy sleeper. Nobody in Pitt gets credit except for Nate McClouth, who couldn't hit Tina Turner if he tried. OUCH, I'm going to hold my tongue on the what do you think Moehler is going to do today, etc. Let's just see what happens since it's still early. Literally, it's early for me.

Today is a noon'er game. I will try to post an update around 1-2.

Oh, hope everyone had a great Easter, here is a pic of the kids getting some egg huntin' on

Baby momma left, me top, Peyton left, Malorie bottom, Kylie right.

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