Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rant of the week. AND I'M OUT

What an awful 2 days.

First, Kyle Freaking Lohse throws a 3 hit shutout. The next day, Zach Freaking Duke throws a four hit 2 walk shutout. We're not talking aces here.

When Michael Bourn is leading your team in RBIs, you KNOW you are in trouble. The guys look absolutely lifeless up there, to put it mildly VERY mildly.

In Lohse's game, Wandy walked 3, trying not to give up any runs, and his defense sure 'nuff didn't do him any favors. Moehler was simply awful from the get-go. His ERA went DOWN from 38 to 27 - turns out he is having knee pain (what a surprise) and is going for an MRI - wonder what they are going to do if he goes on the DL - Capellan, probably, as I doubt Backe will be ready.

I have no idea what to do or say about Berkman and Lee not hitting. If they don't hit, we're not gonna win too much, and they picked a bad time to slump together. I also don't like Pence in the 2-hole because he's gotten overly aggressive and is swinging at pitches low and away again. Might could be time to get another hitting coach.

Yes, I know that the pitching has been rotten, too, except for Sampson and Wandy. Then again, I've never been a fan of Dewey Robinson.

I remember that in 05, we lost something like 20 of our first 21 away games. It wasn't quite as demoralizing because we won at least half of our home games, and so far this year, we've only had 3 home games. The only way that a long long losing streak would be good is if it somehow shakes Drayton out of his complacency, not that I'm holding my breath.

So overall, I hereby think it is time to quote that great baseball mind, George Scott (ex Brewer):

"If we're gonna win, the players gotta play better, the coaches gotta coach better, the manager gotta manage better and the owners gotta own better."

Couldn't of said it better my own self.

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