Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carlos Lee: Ready to go!!!

Carlos Lee is back. As much as I don't approve of his sub-par defense, I'm very excited to see him back in Kissimmee. He is going to provide a much needed pop to the "Diet Pop" currently in the line-up. Not that all these games matter but for fan enthusiasm to get any lower could cost the Astros significantly (low attendance = no players at the deadline). I will write more about this later.
Sorry, I digress sometimes, as I was saying, Carlos Lee is back. His interview over at MLB.com leaves me feeling energetic for him in the line-up again. Not only that, he said (without saying it) he is on a vengeance to be prepared and help the team. Those days of team camaraderie are long gone and it takes a real team player to come right back to ST even though he could have taken several days off. Wonder if he ever hunts with Roy O? or does Roy come over and help Lee in his garden? Anyhow, look for a more spirited team in the next couple ST games and hopefully a win!!

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