Monday, March 9, 2009

Astros Q & A

Not much to talk about today, so I thought a little Q & A would be appropriate.

Since I'm tearing the cover off the baseball in the WBC, do you see the Astros making a push for me? - Pudge Rodriguez

Well, Pudge, I imagine that if you continue at this rate you will either price yourself out of the two teams who are very interested at this point (Marlins & Astros) or you are on steroids again. If you would just come to terms with yourself and realize that although you were once an elite catcher, you are no longer the Pudge of ole'. You should take the 2 million that someone wants to pay you and be a back up if that is what is required of you. In addition, I wonder why no teams have already signed you, the catching market is severely thin and maybe there is something that the average fan doesn't know that all the GM's in baseball to come clean Pudgy?

Do you think Drayton is completely embarrassed by my success with the Tampa Bay Rays - Gerry Hunsicker

Yes. Yes he is.

Am I a Hall of Famer? - Jeff Bagwell

Yes, however, you will not get in on your first chance unfortunately. The person that needs to go first is Graig Biggio. He will be the first player in baseball history to enter the hall in an Astros Uni. Sorry Jeff.

What happened to me - Tony Eusabio

Hey Tony! Thanks for writing in, I'm sure the Astros miss a hitting catcher, as you may know. I'm pretty positive that with the re-acquisition of Brad Ausmus in the 2001 season and the shoulder injury prior to the season, The Astros decided to go elsewhere. I miss you Tony, The city misses its last true hitting catcher. Times were great then, you made it enjoyable to watch.

Do you think the cops should have tazed me during my drunk fest last year? - Brandon Backe

Yes, they should have tazed you so bad that either A) you subsequently won a lawsuit, didn't need the Astros money, gave it to Randy Wolf and retired into obscurity. B) get tazed so bad that it somehow produced electro-magnetic therapy on your brain and somehow altered your psyche, making it possible to pitch in the major leagues. That's what I think Mr Brandon "Don't taze me, Bro" Backe AKA Brandon "I gave up the most dingers in baseball last year & had the least quality starts among pitchers" Backe.

Did I Slap the Astros organization in the face by going to LA? - Brad Ausmus

Well Brad, Some may think you did, but the ones that don't think you did realize baseball is a business and that baseball players have families as well. I think you staying one more year to "school" the young catchers and prepare them for the following upcoming season was brilliant and shows that you are a class act all the way. Hope LA finds you well and enjoy the family time.

Will I EVER live up to my hype? - Wandy Rodriguez

Sorry Wan-Rod, you were over hyped five years ago and are past the "hype" thing. This year may be your last in Houston, I suggest for all your ticket purchasing needs when you get boo'd out of Houston after you have a 5.50 ERA this year. For all things holy, I sure hope you prove me wrong this year buddy, oh yeah, I hate seeing you as the only option left in the waiver wire when I need a SP at the end of the year in Fantasy Baseball.

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