Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is Castro the next JR Towles?

After reading the story about Astros prospect Jason Castro on, I wonder if they are about to start touting him as the next catcher of the future. First off, the kid is only 21. Putting this sort of pressure on him really shouldn't bother him, I mean, he's old enough to vote, why shouldn't the organization put such a tag on him? He can carry a pitching staff just based on his SAT scores, I'm sure. I really am not a big fan of "tagging". No, not like on rail road cars, tagging young guys as the next wave of superstar talent. I wonder if the Astros are just saying this about Castro to put extra pressure on Towles so he will perform? Now, Castro's stats don't lie. He has performed very well at all levels, not to mention the fact that the kid is still working on his degree from Stanford, however, it wasn't so long ago that Towles was hyped in the same sense. Last year Towles disappointed, I know this, but Towles is still young and after being sent back down to the minors, he came back up and performed above expectations (not that .165 +/- was the bar or anything!)

My thoughts are this, Is Castro being pumped up as the catcher of the future to get traded? MAYBE. Is Castro "2-legit"? YES, he is 2 legit to quit. If Towles performs well and so does Castro, where does the organization go? Who does Roy Oswalt prefer to receive the ball from him? What ever happened to Tony Eusabio? I really liked him, anyhow, I digress sometimes. This whole catcher thing is a mess, a beautiful mess. Can't wait to see what the monkeys in the front office decide to do with this one.

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