Friday, March 6, 2009

Next Game:At Braves 7:05 PM. Final:13-SKUNK

Fernando Nieve is slated to get the start tonight against Jo-Jo Reyes, who threw three scoreless innings last time out. Tonight will be the first night game of Spring Training. Nieve has a 10.00 ERA in his last 9 IP. Reyes has shown sparkling numbers of 1.50 ERA in 5 IP. Should not be to much for the Astros to worry about though as Reyes has a career 6.50 ERA against the spacemen. Nieve has a respectable ERA of 3 over 10 IP's against the Braves. More as the game starts.....................

Seems that under the cloak of night didn't help the spacemen on this game. Must have been the moon light or something. So, 13-0. Yeah, let me repeat that, 13-0. One more time for the co-worker reading over your shoulder, 13-0. Let's just get all the awful stats out in the open before I explode today. Astros: 2 hits, 4 errors. Those are the big ones. How about Astros hitters batting 2/29 in the game (.069 avg.). Nieve, Norris (no relation to Chuck apparently) and Gervacio (No link cause' it literally says "no stats available") all having ERA's over 10. I don't think anything else needs to be said about this game. Honestly, I'm feeling the same way Cecil is right about now. I know these games don't count but, damn, how much embarrassment can a team get by hitting .069 in a game. Cecil pretty much said what I think and the link is here. Cecil rant. Some notable quotes from the frustrated Cooper:

"If you lose, you lose. That's OK -- well, it's not OK, but you live with it. It's how you do it -- body language, the effort, those kinds of things. That's what bothers you."

Interpretation: Play baseball, damn it! get out there and hustle and make some things happen. quit playing grab-ass in the locker room and focus. Apparently Cecil Cooper is using the media to tell his guys that losing because you didn't play is not an option. Not only that but a closed door meeting during spring training says a lot about Cecil. It says he wants to win and isn't waiting for the lazy days at Kissimmee to end before he starts trying.

"A lot of people I haven't seen before," Cooper said. "You need to impress me in some ways. If you don't play well and physically get hits and get some outs, you ought to at least show me that you have some "get up" about you."

Interpretation: Pretty much everyone competing for a job is from the minor leagues and I have no idea who they are. In order for me to remember them, they are going to have to impress me. If I were a college grad such as these guys, i'm sure I could interpret that as "hmm, if I get a hit and steal a base, I bet Cecil will notice me."

I know this is still spring training, I know these games don't count, I know that the Astros aren't the world series- caliber team they once were and I know I have an Astros blog, which means I shouldn't be so darn pessimistic, however, after seeing "Braves blank Stros' 13-0 under the lights" or "Astros lose to Pirates" over and over again, it really makes me wonder, are the Astros doomed this year? C'mon Stros' give me something joyous to write about!!!!

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