Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts on the abyss of catchers

I started wondering earlier, who is going to get the C1 spot. Well as I was thinking that, fellow blogger Astros County beat me to it. After looking at his post, I shouldn't have asked the "curiosity cat" either. Spring Training stats below are from Astros County.

So far...(BA/OBP/SLG)

Quintero: 0x9, 1K. .000/.000/.000
Palmisano: 0x5. .000/.000/.000
Towles: 1x6, 1BB, 2Ks. .167/.167/.286
Santangelo: 0x1, 1BB. .000/.500/.000
Castro: 1x3, 1K. .333/.333/.333

Although it looks dismal on the surface most fantasy "experts" are considering Towles a sleeper candidate (really doesn't mean much) with projections from CHONE over at fangraphs of 315AB/75H/20DB's/10HR/240AVG/4SB.
Quintero is still 0-Spring Training , however, he projects out the same basically with 290AB/71H/15DB's/15HR/.245AVG/2SB.
I really only added projections for the two above as I see them being the two that start the year with the big league club. After a little discussion with Astros County, I started delving myself deeper into finding the answer as the curiosity cat was still looking for a place to drop its "leftovers". Basically, my thoughts are this: Q gets the starting nod even if he is 0-1,000 right now due to his experience over Towles. Towles will not lose the C2 spot because he has been touted as the "catcher of the future"(which means he has a built in pizza warmer behind the chest protector or something) and the Astros Brass do not want to lose the public interest in him. Palmisano will more than likely be looked at again by the O's if he doesnt make the camp because of the O's entertaining the idea of converting Matt Weiters to a 1B. In all likelihood this won't happen anytime soon, though, it is a good idea. Santangelo and Castro are clear favorites for the Hooks and RR.

Thanks to Astros County for a little good conversation!

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