Thursday, March 5, 2009

So what's been going on in Kissimmee?

  • Wandy Rodriguez has thrown for 14 minutes in the previous 2 days and somehow expects to start the following week. Wandy has a 9.00 ERA in 2 IP with 4 hits, a walk and no K's. I'm not surprised at Wandy's Lackluster performance at all this Spring. I'm not sure when you actually jump off (a ledge) the "wandy Bandwagon". Personally it SHOULD have been about 5 years ago when he was 25. The Astros would have been smart to get rid of him two years ago when he still showed "potential" as a 28 year old. I wonder if nobody within the organization wants to save face and get rid of the player they so highly touted (cough) Drayton (cough)......
  • A non-roster invitee with only a slight chance to make the team, Jose Capellan nonetheless impressed, firing three shutout innings against a strong Venezuelan lineup. Capellan walked one, allowed one hit and struck out none. But Felipe Paulino, a product of the Astros' Venezuelan Academy, allowed two runs in his two innings.
Very surprising news here. Almost hoping the guy makes the team, although, his previous, well, every year in the majors hasn't been impressive. (I don't want readers to get the wrong impression, so let me say this here: I'M NOT A PESSIMIST ABOUT THE ASTROS. Just seems nothing is very positive at the moment other than we haven't lost anyone to injury, the games don't count and Roy O is an avid speaker about leadership, steroids, and his hunting rifle.) Since being called up in 2004 by the Braves, Capellan has a career 4.89 ERA in 123 IP's. This seems to be the running theme with Astros pitchers these days and hope this kid turns it around. His best year in 2006, with the Brew Crew showed some signs of normalcy and what COULD be expected of Capellan with a 4.40 ERA over 71 IP's and 58 K's.

  • The only REAl competition for a starting spot this year seems to be at the backstop. Towles, "Q", as I like to call him, and Palmisano seem to have a fiery rivalry going. Cecil says that "Q" will probably get the nod, but nothing is guaranteed. Translation: I have no idea who is going to start but for now "Q" deserves a mention at least. My next update will cover some analysis of who really should start.
Who do you think should get the nod and why?

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