Friday, March 6, 2009

Sampson mixes with "general population" and Astros sign a Royal defect

Brian McTaggert reports Chris Sampson threw 40 pitches off the mound Thursday, mixing in some breaking balls and reported no pain out of his surgically repaired right elbow.

Sampson had surgery in October, appears to be in line with his rehab of his elbow. He will throw 50 pitches on Saturday and attempt some BP with the general population after that. This doesn't excite me nor worry me really. He will be back at the same post in the bullpen after being converted from the starting rotation last year. The only probablility of him returning to the rotation would be if Backe takes even more steps "backe". Some of you may already know from my previous blog on that I absolutely despise Brandon "don't taze me, bro" Backe. I would love to see Sampson Completely blow the Astros Brass away and earn a starting job at some point. So far my hopes and dreams (the baseball ones involving Backe) may come true. i know it's only Spring Training but Backe has posted a 9.00 ERA in 4 IP with 1 HR and 3 BB. Let's see what Sampson does in the next week or so and cross our fingers for Backe to go Backe to Galveston and maybe crash a wedding or something instead of giving up meatballs.

On a lighter note, the Astros were apparently scavenging the depths of the pitching talent and signed Neal Musser, who was designated for assignment on Feb. 19 by The Royals organization. Looking at "the cube", it doesn't look like this is anything of happy, happy, joy, joy with a career minor leaguer for the previous 10 years who has thrown 25 innings in the majors in the previous two years, with only one inning last year., however, it is nice to see the Astros making an attempt to make depth in the lower ranks Musser has a career 4.21 ERA in the majors and a career 3.78 ERA in the minors (since 1999). He spent the last 6 years with KC and i'm guessing that they had to see something in him to hold on for so long. I can't see that if he was that good they would have kept him in AAA as the major league club's relief program isn't the best in the league. Who knows, we will catch some of this guy in ST and see what happens. For now I would guess he will report to RR and find a home.

I was feeling in a weird mood today and attached some links to some goofy stuff, so check it out. It's always good to learn the weird things in life.

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