Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zero, Zilch, Zip, Nada 3rd Basemen available.

Have a look at MLBTR's current list of 2009 free agents. Notice anything? Well, I noticed the same thing Wade and company did. There are no 3rd basemen available. By none, of course, I mean no one of mention. There is no doubt in my mind that the gaping hole that is the hot corner will have to be filled internally, however, Wade mentioned this today:

"If we think there's a need at the end (of camp), there's going to be guys available," Wade said Wednesday. "I got a call today from a club that's got a guy that they want to make available so if we have the need. We know what Blum's capable of doing and we like what CJ's shown so far. We'll let them play and see what happens."

No mention of who "the guy" or which club it was. We all know Wade's policy on trades, free agent signings, etc. So the questions arise in my mind.....

Who fills the vacancy?
Does Chris Johnson get the opportunity to get the nod at the hot corner? Does Blum, who turns 36 in a month, show that he is not a .250 lifetime hitter this year? Does Tejada REALLY make the move to 3rd? Can his arm handle it 5 days a week? (another question arises that I will cover in the post). Can Maysonett or Manzella make a transition to 3rd? With a depleted farm system and NO cash to spend (Supposedly) it is obvious that the Astros can only obtain someone without a high price tag. My thoughts are a Mark Teahan type. He is almost certain to be the 10th man with KC. Actually, that is what the Stros are probably looking for. Someone on a team where there are toooooo many players and not enough roster spots. With that being said, look out for the end of ST when the Stros pick up a average 3rd baseman to supplement Blum until CJ is ready.

Speculation on what team Wade is referring to:
Orioles - Melvin Mora, Cesar Itzuris OR COULD IT BE WIGGY???
Philly - Pedro Feliz
Angels - Chone Figgins, Brandon Wood
Royals - Mark Teahan
Blue Jays - Scott Rolen

any other team that has a 3rd baseman over 40 also fits the bill.

Did Boone tip off Tejada about him leaving so Tejada could make his little PR story about playing 3rd "If need be"? (rant from above made me think of this)

Yes, yes he did. I would bet that Tejada got word or was told directly about something along the lines of Boone possibly being out. He then wondered, should I say I can play 3rd? It would help me if I don't sign with the Stros next year and allow me to move to a less running filled environment over at the hot corner....hmmm..... makes you think huh?

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