Tuesday, March 17, 2009

couple more links for today.

Crawfish Boxes (damn you!!) has the starting line-up for today's game. Adam Everrett faces his old team.

Richard Justice is an idiot. This is about a day or so old but c'mon, the guy doesn't deserve his credentials.

Article on Pudge from Scott over at Astrosdaily.com. Very GOOD read. I thoroughly enjoy his stuff.

Bleacher Report chimes in on Pudge. Although I don't agree with the post at all, it is half way interesting. Basically goes onto to say Pudge can't help because Astros pitching stinks. So how would a veteran, hall of famer, all star catcher help a pitching staff again? HMMMM...

Blogger Richard Zowie has an interesting idea for new Astros logo's.

Once again Hunter Pence's Girlfriend.

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