Friday, March 20, 2009

Who is Astros County?

Recently did a Q & A with fellow blogger Astros County. I always like to get to know who is out there in the "blogosphere" for Astros stuff. This guy is one of the only people I have found who is always posting about the Astros. So get to know him and make sure you check out his page. Eventhough I should consider him a rival, I don't, he is Astros County and we are all in the Astros Nation (not sure if that is © or anything):

Who or what is your favorite source for Astros info? (Besides you)

I like MLB Trade Rumors a lot, and Google News is a pretty good way to stay ahead of what's happening.

What is a "Pudge"?
I Googled this. A Pudge is a sandwich. Or it's a rip in a fat girl's jeans.

How do you feel about Ed Wade's performence since coming over to the Astros?
It's too early to tell. I think the best move he made was putting Bobby Heck in charge of the farm system and scouting, but we don't know enough about Bourn yet to make an accurate judgment call. Thing is, aside from Lidge, no one Wade traded has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Why don't I like Brandon Backe?
I don't think it's a matter of not liking Backe. I just don't get him. I think he was rushed back from TJ surgery too soon, and since he's a hometown guy, he wants to prove himself over and over again. The Astros paid him a good chunk of money the season he lost, and I think he has held that over himself to go out and throw no-hitters - except he loses something when he does that. I like Backe, and I hope he succeeds.
What originally made you an Astros fan?
Seeing Ken Caminiti at the Dot's Coffee Shop on 610 and 45 clear four plates of food when I was a kid. Not kidding.

"P-Rod's" projections for this year?
I think he'll do better than a lot of people think. He is in good shape, and while he isn't Popeye anymore, he was an asset until he went to New York mid-season last year. Plenty of great players have done well outside of New York. So I think he'll hit in the .280 range with 10 homers.

Does living outside of Houston make it difficult to cover or catch any Astros games? How have you overcome the distance issue?
Thankfully it's not too hard to stay connected to the Astros. MLB has their pretty incredible GameDay feature with locations of pitches, just in case I decide not to get the Extra Innings package (wife's call). It's more difficult in that we don't get Fox Sports Houston in Nashville, but not unmanageable.

Are you a fantasy baseball player?
I am. I'm in two leagues - one with some guys from school, and a dynasty keeper league (every roster spot is a keeper) with buddies from my last job.

Fill in the blank: Today JR Towles was traded to_______ with the Astros getting______________ in return.
Towles was traded to Iran, with the Astros getting eight political prisoners in return. Ha! Seriously, though, J.R. Towes was traded to the Giants, getting a mid-range Double-A prospect in return.

Comeback player of the year canidate for the Astros?
If anyone on this team is going to win the award, it's Hampton.

If Larry Dierker wanted to come back as coach, would you be for or against it?
I would be neutral to it. Dierker inherited a great team. Cooper? Not so much. Cooper inherited a team with two or three great players on it. I'd like to give Coop a fair shot.

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