Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Mailbag: "P-Roddy", JR Towles

How much of an impact does A "Pudge" bring to the Astros?

All of that should be accredited to a "Pudge"Well, on paper he brings a replacement value (VORP) of about 1.3 games, which means that he will win the Astros 1.3 more games than the average catcher in the major leagues, however, off paper, Pudge probably brings a little more than a 1.3 VORP seeing as he is a 13 time gold glover (NO not like Danny), 14 time all-star, etc, etc. He knows how to handle a pitching staff, He will be above average defensively with the exception of throwing out runners. Obviously I wouldn't expect anything higher than a .270/310 OBP/10-15 HR/100 K/10 BB line for him in the juice box (HR's may be a little higher). His biggest impact will be developing Wan-Rod, Moehler and company into decent pitchers and helping them win games. That's were a pudge will make an impact. We won't ever be able to tell what Pudge's true VORP is, however, you should be able to see it in Wan-Rod's record for sure this year. I think Wandy goes 10-8 with a 3.65 ERA this year., "P-Rod", "P-Roddy" type player.

Is JR Towles time in Houston almost done?

The rumor mill has been buzzing lately. The catching market is severely thin and Towles is still touted as a great prospect. I wouldn't be surprised if Wade is dodging calls left and right about the catcher since the signing of P Roddy. Obviously, right now the Astros concern is adding depth the the hot corner. Johnson will more than likely make the team out of ST unless a Mark Teahan, Hank Blalock type player is made available at a signficantly low price. All in all, Towles career in Houston hinges off of Chris Johnson being the third baseman or not. If he isn't expect Towles to go packing for someone that can handle the corner. On a side note: The Giants are interested in obtaining a back up catcher. Any thoughts?

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