Monday, March 23, 2009

Hampton emerges as SP2, Wandy gets set back and Backe is at least guaranteed some money

With all the injuries happening to the Astros pitching staff during spring training, Mike Hampton is now being scheduled as the #2 starter. Not saying the guy doesn't deserve it. He has thrown great this spring. Well, great in comparison to the other Astros pitchers. Well deserved and if this provides any insight to the season, Hampton is on his way to a mid 3 ERA and hopefully more wins than we can count on one hand. Good to see some pitchers emerging as great players this spring.

Wandy Rodriguez will be pushed back to a Tuesday throwing after he attempted, notice the word attempted, to catch a line drive with his bare hand. Honestly, who does he think he is? Anyhow, this is how Hampton really earned the SP2 spot, but not that it matters as Hampton has been, is better and always will be better then Wan-Rod.

Backe seems pretty frustrated that he hurt himself. I would too, considering my job would be in jeopardy, but apparently Ed Wade feels Backe still has something, so he will be on the DL for the start of the season and is guaranteed the money owed to him. Keep an eye on ESPN "the Ocho" around April 2. That is the day he COULD be released, although I don't see it happening, it just might.

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