Monday, March 23, 2009

Fox Sports Article on Hot Corner Candidates for the Astros

"Astros third baseman Chris Johnson is another young player who might benefit from more minor-league experience. He started last season at Class AA, then was promoted to Class AAA and batted only .218 in 101 at-bats.

The loss of Aaron Boone leaves the Astros looking for a platoon partner for Geoff Blum, a switch-hitter with a .310 career on-base percentage, .287 last season. Blum, like most switch-hitters, generally is stronger from the left side.

The Reds, to the surprise of several scouts, are considering trading infielder Jeff Keppinger, a right-handed hitter. Keppinger would be a perfect fit for the Astros, alternating with Blum and representing insurance for oft-injured second baseman Kaz Matsui.

Juan Uribe could be another possibility for the Astros if he fails to stick with the Giants. Frankly, the player the Astros need is Ty Wigginton, whom they declined to re-sign for financial reasons."

Crazy, that last sentence has been my sentiments all along. Astros really, really need Ty Wiggington back in town. I don't mind Keppinger. I remember picking him up in one of my fantasy leagues last year for a while. He was on a tear until he got some osrt of mild injury (if I remember correctly). Uribe may work but is pretty much an everyday average player. My wants for the Astros would be Teahan or Melvin Mora. Neither one of those guys are out of the question, with the exception Mora is a little bit more expensive but both are above average, barely.

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