Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MLBTR says the Astros got Keppinger.

According to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Astros acquired out of options infielder Jeff Keppinger from the Reds for a player to be named later. Looks like Keppinger will be Houston's third base addition.

Keppinger, 29 in April, hit .266/.310/.346 in 502 plate appearances last year while playing all around the infield (mostly shortstop).

This isn't a bad signing at all, considering. He will throw a decent glove at the hot corner and can also fill in for Miggy and Kaz assuming Tejada can't hack it full time and Matsui has another round of anal fissures. Didn't really need to add the last part about Kaz, but it's fun making fun of someone with anal problems..


  1. We wrote a children's book called Kaz and His Fissures last year, you can get it on Amazon.

    I am not really that thrilled with Kepp, does this mean no Blum?

    Getting excited about this season. Health & Pitching lawya!

  2. Hell nah playa, Blum will platoon with the "Kepp". At least, that's my impression at the moment. The only way it changes is if Blum gets hurt/sucks it up like the prom date whore after half a bottle of 20/20. Kepp really does have some good stuff even though his numbers haven't shown it really, I imagine it will only be shown with legit playing time, which is a good possibility with the holes in the infield. I would def. keep an eye out on him being 3B1 at some point, with Blum serving the hot corner on Tejada's day off/Blum at 3Rd if Kaz gets hurt. This really gave us some insurance at 3 positions as opposed to one like everyone is thinking. I'm pretty happy, in general, with the signing. I still haven't heard the specific parameters of the deal though.

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